- Owner -
    KATI THOMPSON - Owner -
    Kati's has her BS Business Accounting from CSU, Cosmic Kids Yoga Teacher certification, YogaKids Foundations, and SUP Yoga Certification. Kati has been practicing and loving yoga for 15+ years! Her main focus is the operations of Windsor Yoga Family while teaching some Kids Yoga and SUP Yoga classes.
  2. Molly Shanahan 
- Studio Manager -
    Molly Shanahan - Studio Manager -
    Molly received her RYT200 in January 2017. Ever since stepping on the mat at 17, yoga has been an incredible piece of Molly's life. She has always been infatuated with the inner workings of the human body, and is passionate about helping others find their own power and potential within themselves. She wishes to share the feeling of peace and wholeness that her yoga practice brings her with the people she meets throughout her journey. She is also a certified Thai Bodywork practitioner and strives to share her healing with those in need.
  3. Brittany Wagner
    Brittany Wagner
    Brittany is a lover of yoga and holistic health. She obtained my RYT-200 in winter of 2016. She enjoys all types of yoga and working with all types of people and populations. She is also certified in Reiki, Aromatherapy, and is in the process of obtaining her AAS in Holistic Health. She has a passion for sharing yoga with all!
  4. Julie Santilli 
- Assistant Manager -
    Julie Santilli - Assistant Manager -
    Julie has been teaching and loving yoga for over 10 years. She was certified at Red Lotus Yoga Studio in Rochester, Michigan in 2007. Since then she has enjoyed teaching a myriad of classes including Ashtanga, Hatha, Yin, Gentle and Chair Yoga. Julie believes yoga is a true healer & connector of mind & body. Her practice helps her stay grounded not only as a teacher but as a mom and wife. She looks forward to being your guide in your journey of yoga.
  5. Brianna McNaney
    Brianna McNaney
    Brianna got her start teaching senior and kids yoga, and is now excited to share her practice with all ages in between. Her favorite styles to teach are restorative, yin, and guided meditations for all levels. Her passion for natural healing has led her to become Level 2 Reiki certified. She has also received her meditation certification and plans to keep expanding her studies of holistic health.
  6. Cassie Hatt
    Cassie Hatt
    Cassie is a dedicated yogi, lover of live music and puppy mother. She began her yoga journey in 2015 when she moved to Fort Collins for graduate school. After only a few months of stepping on the mat, she knew this practice would change her life and quickly became inspired to instruct and share her passion with others.
  7. Jo Buckley
    Jo Buckley
    Jo completed her 200-hour Hatha training at Yandara Yoga Institute in Baja California. She has since continued her yoga journey through Ayurvedic training, Yin and prenatal specialties, and her continual exploration of Bhakti yoga. Yoga, for her, is a daily practice and lifestyle about connecting to the body and inner self to seek love and peace through breath and awareness. It is an honor for her to be a part of the WYF team and grow as a yoga community.
  8. Alisha Johnson
    Alisha Johnson
    Alisha was born and raised in beautiful Northern California. She received her BS in Human Development and Family Studies and her BA in Sociology from Colorado State University in 2015. Alisha received her 200 hour yoga teaching certification in July of 2018 and her Precision Nutrition certification in August of 2018. The purpose of yoga for Alisha is to leave the ego and transcend into a state of curiosity and exploration through breath and movement. Alisha's passion is guiding others towards a healthy and holistic lifestyle through yoga and nutrition.
  9. Jordan McLaughlin
    Jordan McLaughlin
    Jordan is a Florida native who moved to Fort Collins 2 years ago with her husband Casey. She has maintained a home/studio practice for about 4 years and recently graduated her first Yoga Teacher Training where she received her 200 HR certification. She considers herself an architect of community and is energized by teaching students of varying athletic backgrounds. Jordan balances her personal fitness with CrossFit and Yoga and has a background in dance and theatre; this creative combination is also what inspires her class flows.
  10. Julie David
    Julie David
    Julie's practice started in 2011 with Bikram yoga, but she was hooked as soon as she discovered heated vinyasa flow. She obtained her RYT-200 in 2014 and continues to enhance her skills and knowledge through practice and training. Her vinyasa-based classes combine both static and dynamic posturing, and are geared at challenging the body and while bringing peace to the mind.
  11. Daisy Cochran
    Daisy Cochran
    Daisy, a high school student, has a passion for yoga. Born and raised in Colorado, she was certified in Vinyasa yoga in December of 2018. After doing yoga in some of her elementary school classes, she wants to share this practice with kids, since it inspired her at such a young age. To her, yoga is healing and connecting. She wishes to be able to lead people of all ages through their own practice of healing and connecting with themselves.
  12. Emrie Tanner
    Emrie Tanner
    Emrie is a New Mexico native, but has called Colorado her home for the last 9 years. She enjoys teaching yoga to those new to the mat, as well as experienced yogis. She is passionate about bringing yoga to those seeking more balance, peace, and connection to their lives. Emrie draws on her 20 years experience as a Massage Therapist to incorporate adjustments, acupressure, essential oils, and singing bowls into her yoga sessions.
  13. Haley Parker
    Haley Parker
    Haley is a mother of three boys. She left the corporate world for the peace of yoga. Haley started out with a Birkram practice but found more stress relief with vinyasa flow. She is another WYF Teacher Training graduate and found the teacher training life changing both physically and mentally. Haley loved learning all that yoga encompasses outside of asanas. She loves to teach and looks forward to guiding others on their yoga journey.
  14. Nichole Hill
    Nichole Hill
    Nichole is a Colorado native with a BA in Psychology and MA in Elementary Education. She recently completed her RYT 200 training at Windsor Yoga Family. Yoga has proven to be so much more than asanas and she enjoys sharing her enthusiasm for all things yoga on and off the mat. With a teaching background, she loves being able to break things down in a way that is accessible to anyone.